Willie Hoffleman’s Unbelievable Reel

In 1995 I spent a month or so in Munich with some Irish friends. At that time the Deutsche Mark exchange rate was very favourable to those using the pound and the punt and a fair few Irish students would head to Bavaria for the summer to work in the car factories and the beer festivals. I tagged along and managed to get some work at the world famous Oktoberfest, feeding Maßkrüge (litre beer glasses) into a glass cleaning machine in the kitchen of one of the smaller ‘tents’, the exclusive Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke.

My boss was the aforementioned Willie Hoffleman and he was a rather intense gentleman whose favourite English word was the exclamation, ‘unbelievable’. I spent 21 days at the Oktoberfest and very much enjoyed it however much of Willie’s behaviour in that time wasn’t particularly pleasant or welcome. His amorous advances to one of my female friends were so unrelenting that she was close to quitting her job. Naming this tune after him wasn’t a tribute but more of a catharsis.

I use the excellent, open-source software MuseScore for final score engraving. You can upload your tunes to musescore.com and then embed the score in your own site.

Willie Hoffleman’s Unbelievable Reel by S P McNally by bagpie

Below is the tune in ABC Notation. ABC is a great way to share simple, single staff notation and is popular amongst traditional musicians. You can learn about ABC notation here and I recommend EasyABC to convert the tunes into standard notation, for editing and playback.

T:Willie Hoffleman’s Unbelievable Reel
C:© 1995 S P McNally
N:For Willie Hoffleman
BEFG dEeE | GBdG AceA | BE (3EEE dEeE | gbag fdcA |
BEFG dEeE | GBdB Aggf | BE (3EEE dEeE | gbag f4 ||
Befg fdec | Befg fga2 | Befg fdec | BGAF GEFG |
Befg fdec | Befg fga2 | b2ge fdc2 | B2 (3BBB BAGA ||

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