Mrs Catherine McNally of Glenburn

A slow jig named after my paternal grandmother, Catherine McNally (nee McCormick) of Glenburn in Paisley.

An old photograph, from mid 70s, of Catherine McNally with two of her daughter's in law and three of her grandchildren.
My grandmother (centre), with me to her right. Approx. 1975

My memory of my gran is of a fine, upstanding, catholic woman who made sure everyone, her family, her friends, her family’s friends, her neighbours and visitors alike were welcomed to the house. As soon as anyone arrived she would be in the kitchen to offer them something to eat, a sandwich, lunch, dinner or just a cup of tea and some biscuits. With seven children and an extended family typical of the Scots/Irish I was often surprised there was ever any food left in the house.

An image of the tune notation.

She played an important part in the formation of the community that grew around St Peter’s Church in Glenburn and was well known in the area. Catherine left us in 2000 and is dearly missed by all her family.

(The tune was written in D but I played it in the video on a Tony Dixon Alto A whistle. Drop me a line if you’d like the dots in A)

I use the excellent, open-source software MuseScore for final score engraving. You can also upload your tunes to and then embed the score in your own site.

Mrs Catherine McNally Of Glenburn – S P McNally by bagpie

Below is the tune in ABC Notation. ABC is a great way to share simple, single staff notation and is popular amongst traditional musicians. You can learn about ABC notation here and I recommend EasyABC to convert the tunes into standard notation, for editing and playback (a working version for 64bit MacOS is available here for the moment).

T:Mrs Catherine McNally of Glenburn
C:© 1997 S P McNally
F|:G2gg2f|g2g g>fe|A2ff2g|a2g f>ed|c2ed2A|B>cd B2A|G>FG A>BG|F3-F2 G|
B2gg2f|g2b a>gf|A>ff a>ff|g>fe f3|g>fe f>ed|e>dc d>cG|g>fe d>AB|1 d3-d2 F:|2d3-d>ef ||
|:g2B4-|B2g f>ed|f2A4-|A2f f>ed|c2ed2A|B>cd B2A|G>FG A>BG|F>GA d>ef|
g2B4-|B2g b>ag|f2a4-|a2b a>gf|g>fe f>ed|e>dc d>cG|g>fe d>AB|1 d3-d>ef:|2 d6 ||

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